Pavement Crack Repairs Transform Asphalt Surfaces

Pavement crack repair might seem like something you can leave on the backburner until another day, but if you notice a crack, you’d be well advised to take action immediately. Cracks in your pavement can lead to much more severe issues down the road. While you won’t have a problem finding a pavement repair team in the GTA, however, it’s worth noting that not all are created equally. Repairing or replacing pavement isn’t as simple as filling it with sand and hoping for the best. Learning a little about what to look for in an asphalt repair firm will help ensure that your project gets done the right way the first time.


Further Damage

Cracks alone aren’t often a source of great frustration. The real problems arise when water seeps through the crack. Once water flows through a crack in the asphalt, a few different things can happen, none of which are good for your property long-term. The two biggest and most frequent problems are depressions and heaving. Ensure that your catch basin is in good repair in order to have proper drainage of your parking lot. This way, water flows where it needs to go rather than sitting on your pavement, eroding it.



Depressions or commonly caused by water getting under the pavement through a crack. Once the asphalt has been penetrated, there’s often nothing stopping the water from eroding the foundation soil. Should the foundation soil migrate, the pavement no longer has anything firm to rest on, which can cause it to sink in. Depressions can very quickly become potholes, and potholes can be hazardous to employees, customers, and vehicles.



 Water that gets under the pavement may not cause the soil to erode. It can instead saturate the earth. Should the soil be saturated during a freeze-thaw cycle, the expanding ice can heave the surface asphalt up, creating dangerous obstacles over the surface.


Who to Call

 Even though a crack can seem inconsequential, calling the best team in your area is vital. It’s true that anyone can plug up a crack, but doing things the right way will ensure that future problems won’t arise. When a team of experienced professionals is called in, they’ll take the time to do the repair work properly. Be sure to ask your top candidates exactly how they plan to repair the crack. If their answer is to drop some tar and nothing else, it’s time to make another call. The finest in the industry will have specialized equipment designed to cut the crack evenly and remove the debris prior to patching up the crack. Don’t be fooled by a smooth talking salesman without substance to back up their claims.


Pavement crack repair can’t usually be done by property owners or managers without access to the tools, equipment, and products required to do the job right. If you notice a crack in your asphalt, don’t wait for it to create bigger problems. Take the time to find the right team before making any hasty decisions and find a company that will back up their work with industry leading warrantyContact the most reputable and dependable paving company in the GTA to learn more about how their experienced team can prevent that unsightly crack from becoming a much bigger problem in the near future.

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